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Effective Bird & Bird Nest Removal in Dorset

Turn to pest control specialists to handle bird removal and troublesome nests. Ring Kill Bill Pest Control for bird nest removal in Dorset and much more.

Solving Bird Infestations


We can supply the correct solution for your business or home, We can professionally install netting for an effective and discreet solution to get rid of your bird issues. Cleaning, Deterring, and Protection Services:

* Netting
* Bird Spiking
* Bird Fire Gel
* Cleaning of Bird Fouling
* Spring Wire
* Larus Bird Wire
* Avishock
* Hawking
* Egg and Nest Removals
* Trapping
* Shooting
* Proofing of Small Holes

All methods used by us comply with the legislation set out in the Wildlife and Country Act 1981 and are approved by Regulated Leglislative bodies (Natural England). Only birds listed in the relevant general license can be removed by an authorised person.


Ant Control in Dorset

Our service offers professional, fast, and effective answers to rid you of your ant problems. We are knowledgeable and friendly, and will ensure the highest level of safety for you, your family, and your pets. Ants are among the most prevalent pests in households. They invade any building where they can find food and water, including:

• Restaurants
• Hospitals
• Offices
• Hotels
• Warehouses
• Guest Houses

All about Ants

Each ant is a member of a highly organised colony, which can consist of millions of individuals to a single nest, and it is the queen inside the nest that needs killing to prevent re-infestation from that particular colony. Spring is the time when ants begin to stir and go in search of food following the cold winter period. They are also keen to find potential nest sites and will quite happily venture inside your property.

Bed Bug Problems

Discover a proven approach to dealing with your bed bug problems. Give Kill Bill Pest Control a call when you get tell-tale signs of bed bugs, including:

• Insect bites on body • Blood spots stains on bed sheets • Actual sight of bed bugs

About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are red-brown, oval, flat insects of about 4mm long, or the size of an apple seed. They only feed on blood. They can be found in many hideaways, including:

• Mattress seams
• Bed sheets
• Behind headboard
• Cracks and crevices
• Furniture
• Electrical outlet plates

Life Span and Habits

Female bed bugs deposit 1–5 eggs a day, and can lay up to 500 eggs in a lifetime. At normal room temperature and with adequate food, they can live for more than 300 days. They return to their harbourage to hide after feeding.

Bed bugs also defecate in these areas, which creates stains that indicate bed bugs are present. Bites also often indicate bed bug activity. If you think you have an infestation, contact Kill Bill Pest Control for fast and effective treatment.

Contact Kill Bill Pest Control for effective wasp nest removal and other insect control services that keep your house free of troublesome infestations.


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